"Choosing with taste is a form of good manners"

Just off the coast of Naples, between Capo Miseno and Amalfi, a great rock soars from the cobalt blue sea.

This Mediterranean jewel, exalted in some of the world's most famous poetry, is Capri.

Caesar Augustus first discovered its charms in 29 BC. He was taken aghast by the island's beauty and traded Ischia for it. Caesar’s love of Capri was passed on to Tiberius who between 27 and 37 A.D constructed 12 villas on the island. After its years of Roman centrality, Capri entered into the shadows until the Bourbons restoration of 1815. It fully embraced the romanticism of the Nineteenth Century attracting visitors with its magical solitude and rustic simplicity.

Capri became the favorite seasonal destination and residence of foreign artists, writers and poets, establishing itself as a literary and political refuge after the great exodus of Russian intellectuals. Maxim Gorki arrived on the island and embraced its cosmopolitan life, as did the Sweden Axel Munthe and the island's own Edwin Cerio. 


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