Villa Discopoli: Via Occhio Marino 1, at the end of Via Camerelle.

Aranciera delle Teresiane: Via Castello 13, behind the Piazzetta.

Studio 55: Via V. Emanuele 55, overseeing the Bar of the Hotel Quisisana.

Fondo La PortaAnacapri, minutes away from the famous Axel Muenthe Museum.

Arrival tips and suggestions

To reach the Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I) from the Marina Grande (the main harbour) you can use three different transport systems: the funiculare (1,80 Euro), public buses (1,80 Euro) or a taxi (ca. 20 Euro). 

Remember that from the Piazzetta onwards, all car traffic in the centre of Capri is strictly prohibited. For this reason, it is best to entrust any heavy baggage (roughly 6 Euro per item) to the harbour porters at the harbour for transport to the Piazzetta (contact: 0039.081.8370179). From this point onwards, the porters located at the taxi station can take your baggage to the apartments for roughly 5 Euro per item.

Please note that our staff will not take care of the luggage transportation.

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